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A sacrificial cauldron from the Hunnic age has been found at Radpuszta, a place belonging to city of Balatonlelle, Hungary, on the preceding archaeological excavation of the building of the highway Road 67. On the sensational artefact, the archaeologists Szilvia Honti and Péter Gergely Németh reported informations.

The cauldron, originated from the 5th century is an eminent archaeological relief of the Migration Period. Its significance is given by that it was succeeded for the first time in Hungary to excavate this specific Hunnic burial accessory in an authoritative, systematic and workmanlike manner. About the earlier known samples' (Törtel, Kaposvölgy, Várpalota countryside) finding circumstances are minimal informations available.

The cauldron made of copper has been found laid down on bottom of a pit, 100 cm deeply. The 22 kg weighty, richly adorned, 60 cm lenght vessel is almost completely entire, bearing traces of several repairements on some locations. The cauldron could be used in the course of memorial services of Hunnic notabilities' sacrificial ceremony. Traces of this are testified by the thick smutlayer remained outside-inside around its mouth. Before its burial it was coated in linen or leather, remains of this remained on the cauldron's body.

The archaeologists did careful assertions on the time of its entombing, what had happened possibly between 425-455 AD.  Interesting that on this countryside other artifacts from the Hunnic age had not been found yet. The examinations of the soil and smut samples taken from the pit, and the formal and material composition analysis of the cauldron itself, will provide many more new information on the peculiar item.

The cauldron, after its restoration, can be seen on the exhibition of the Rippl-Rónai Museum of Kaposvár by the enquirers.

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